Implement ACUMAIN® with accelean

ACUMAIN® is implemented by accelean Management Consultants, an international consulting group in aerospace and MRO services.

  • Our team’s industry experience ranges from large airlines and OEMs to small and medium-size independent businesses;
  • Our software is applicable to all MRO activities as your company diversifies over time.
  • We implement our own system, not through licensees, and tailor it to each client’s specificities;
  • Implementation includes: process analysis, process improvement plan, training, coaching, and change management.

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accelean’s value proposal

accelean has developed a comprehensive production management system tailored to meet the specific requirements of the MRO industry (aircraft, engine, component support, including all base maintenance and on-wing services).

accelean’s production management system includes ACUMAIN®, a planning, scheduling, shift-planning and production control software.

ACUMAIN® may be supplied as a stand-alone project or as a work-package of a broader performance improvement project. We tailor the implementation to each customer’s processes.

accelean’s proposal will be an all-inclusive package for a flat fee, with no add-ons or hidden costs.

This package includes the software, consulting services for project management, software integration and deployment, and maintenance and support for 12 months.

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