ACUMAIN®: the MRO resource planning and scheduling tool for the airline industry

Balancing loads and capacities is a key issue to the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry. To this date, even the best ERPs fall short of finding the most efficient balance between loads and capacities.

MRO processes vary greatly from the most streamlined, to the most intricate ones. ERPs in the MRO field have proved to be unreliable for effective planning because:

  • Standard times and TATs (turn around times) are used as based data;
  • Standards in an ERP are rigid;
  • Variability and specificities of maintenance and repair operations are not taken into account.

ACUMAIN® ensures the most efficient balance between loads and shop resources, which the MRO industry struggles to do.

ACUMAIN® helps you achieve:

  • The most efficient balance between loads and capacities (manpower and means of production) to improve slotting and hangar / shop, capacities utilization;
  • Project planning and project management for all types of MRO activities;
  • Shopfloor control and production tracking for both base and line operations;
  • Scheduling / shift planning of all resources down to job-card assignment;
  • Tooling and equipment control (for scheduling and sequencing);

ACUMAIN® helps you achieve a leap in performance improvement and efficiency.

ACUMAIN® enables your planning function to:

  • Manage multi-layer planning for project-type activities;
  • Balance resources with the workload over a period of 12 (or more) rolling weeks and a yearly budget timeframe;
  • Offer Sales and Customer support a reliable vision of slots available to maximize revenue opportunities;
  • Give Materials support a reliable vision of in-house repair shops capacities to adjust inventories, make / buy policy and pool replenishment, to avoid unforeseen asset leases;
  • Easily translate a 2-week rolling master schedule into a detailed daily production planning for each shop / project;
  • Monitor production progress and anticipate delays;

ACUMAIN® also enables an immediate response to customer requests for updates and status reports.

ACUMAIN® is a multi-platform software that can be plugged into all major ERPs.

ACUMAIN® runs in English and a second language as a standard feature (second language to be chosen by customer).