ACUMAIN® combines a user-friendly interface with a multi-tier, process-oriented architecture

ACUMAIN® is a multi-tier, single master schedule for all activities. It handles multi-layer planning for complex projects (engine shop, cabine refurbishing, heavy maintenance…) down to piece-part level tasks (non-destructive testing, repair…).

ACUMAIN® allows multi-level planning and scheduling

multi-level planning and scheduling

Medium-term planning and simulation

  • ACUMAIN® features a long-term view adapted to airline programs.
  • ACUMAIN® delivers a view of an MRO organization’s multiple operations in a single master schedule.
  • ACUMAIN® handles multi-layer planning for complex projects such as engine shop-visit, aircraft conversion, heavy maintenance, cabin refurbishing… down to piece-part level tasks (Non-Destructive Testing, repairs…).
  • ACUMAIN®’s « depth of field » for loads and resources balancing is adaptable to the type of activity. For example, an engine shop’s view may be 18 weeks to be consistent with the 90 day turn-around time (TAT) of big-engine shop visits.
  • ACUMAIN® manages the unpredictiblity and variability of workscopes, thus of workloads, before, during and after each project.

Detailed shop planning and scheduling

  • ACUMAIN® enables Planners and Production managers to easily translate the 2 rolling-week master schedule into weekly and daily detailed shift plans, to efficiently assign job cards to technicians and to monitor work progress during and at the end of shifts.
  • Dynamic displays help schedule, assign work, monitor progress.
  • Access via a mobile terminal allows shift supervisors to monitor production progress of technicians operating in-line or on-wing.
  • Although ACUMAIN® carries its own production tracking module, data such as labor hours and production step progress may also be easily imported from an existing ERP.
dynamic displays help schedule, assign work and monitor progress

dynamic displays help schedule, assign work and monitor progress

Project management and reporting

Project managers or Customer Support managers can access and instantly edit status reports on their selection of projects or customers.

Dashboards can be easliy customized with a variety of KPIs: time to quotation (TTQ), work in progress, actual and forecast turn-around times (TAT), on-time delivery (OTD) etc.

Charts and dashboards can be generated for performance reviews by the executive committee.

Watch our demo video

We made a quick demo video highlighting a few of ACUMAIN®‘s features. Request a complete demo by contacting us.